Refurbishment Projects

Whether your property requires a bit of TLC or a more extensive level of refurbishment, Philip Goacher Associates can help to bring your property back up to standard. Refurbishment is important because it can extend the life of a building by improving and repairing its structure, limiting water ingress, ensuring building materials are in a good state of repair, and updating the methods used to protect the structure.

Generally, refurbishment can cover cosmetic improvements like painting and decorating, but it can also stretch to refurb projects like barn and loft conversions, alterations (say, installing a new kitchen, adding a conservatory or creating an en suite), major repair works such as underpinning, and modernisation like installing underfloor heating or knocking through to make more room.

There are a few ways Philip Goacher Associates can help with your refurbishment projects. Firstly, we can act as Lead Consultant and liaise between the various parties. Secondly, we can act as a Contract Administrator. As Contract Administrators we take an active role in all aspects of the project, from obtaining competitive tenders and creating the Schedule of Works, to assessing the project as it progresses and ensuring the end result is satisfactory. Finally, we can act as Structural Engineer only and provide any structural calculations, details and drawings necessary for the refurbishment project, with a Building Surveyor or Architect in the lead role.

Case Study – Refurbishment and Redecoration of Flats

refurbishment of block of flatsThis block of flats was tired-looking, run-down and leaking. To solve the water ingress issues and give the building a much-needed boost, Philip Goacher Associates acted as Contract Administrator. To start, we inspected the building, planned the building/redecoration works and obtained competitive tenders from quality contractors. Once the work started, we managed the various contractors, ensured the works were proceeding well, and then reinspected the block of flats once the repair and redecoration work had been completed. The project was a success; the residents were pleased with the improvement in the look of their flats, and from a construction perspective the building had years added to its life.

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