Cracking & Movement to Your Property

Are you concerned about cracks in walls and/or ceilings? While cracking can be associated with subsidence and movement caused by damp and water ingress issues, sometimes cracks in walls and ceilings can appear in your home for more innocent reasons.

Do you have cracks in walls and ceilings?

If you have concerns about cracking and movement to your property, Philip Goacher Associates will visit to carry out a preliminary visual inspection (PVI) and provide a report. During the PVI we will measure cracks, test for damp, inspect roof spaces and chimney breasts and inspect both the inside and the outside of the property. We will also consider whether the age of the property, drainage, nearby trees or adjacent building works may play a role in the cracking.

The report we produce will outline the suspected cause of the cracks in walls/ceilings and we will explain whether these causes are innocent and to be expected (for instance, natural settling of the foundations, drying out of plaster, thermal shrinkage, etc) or whether there is a more serious problem at play, such as subsidence, damp or poor workmanship. Our structural report on the cracking will recommend remedial works (if required) such as underpinning, new floor joists, repairs to lintels and door heads, etc. If required by our clients we can then go on to act as Contract Administrator and put together a Schedule of Works for the repairs, obtain competitive tenders from trusted building contractors, and monitor the works as they progress to ensure the repairs are satisfactory.

Thank you for coming to my rescue and organising someone to put my house in order. I don’t know what I would have done without your help!
– JW (Hassocks)

Are you worried about cracks in walls and ceilings? Get in touch with us today so we can carry out a preliminary visual inspection: call 01903 217723 or email