Solar Panel Calculations – Can your roof take the weight?

Solar panels are a popular method of achieving energy conservation, but it’s vital to carry out solar panel calculations to check your roof can support the weight of the panels before you make your commitment to the environment.

Philip Goacher Associates can carry out solar panel calculations and provide a report outlining the suitability of solar panels for your property. We have extensive experience checking the additional loading from photovoltaic (solar) panels and, where necessary, we can design appropriate strengthening solutions to ensure your roof can support the additional loading of solar panels.   

solar panel calculations to check loading
Solar panels are becoming ever more popular with rising energy prices – but can your roof support the added weight?

We will visit the property, take necessary measurements and then carry out structural calculations on the loading capacity of the roof, providing a solar panel report with conclusions and recommendations. We can then provide the designs and details of any strengthening works, if required, and act as Contract Administrators on the project to ensure it runs smoothly and gets you on the road to energy efficiency. 

Contact us today to book in an assessment and see whether your roof can support solar panels: Call 01903 217723 or email us at for more information.  

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