Steel Connection Design Services

Our steel connection design service utilises state of the art software, like IDEA StatiCa, to ensure your project costs are reduced and the quality remains high. Our issued connection drawings (like that below) provide a detailed output to display to you and your contractors how the structure will look and how it can be built.

In the image above, the heat map gives a visual overview of how the connection is working, showing stresses on each element.

Why Use Us for Your Steel Connection Designs?

All our connection designs are checked and approved by our Chartered Structural Engineers in order to provide the highest quality outputs. We also work closely with your steel fabricator/contractor to make sure the construction runs smoothly.

Other Connection Designs

In addition to the complex steel connection designs that we produce using Idea StatiCa, we can also design:

  • Beam-to-beam and beam-to-column connections (steel & timber)
  • Column and beam splices (steel & timber)
  • Column bases
  • Bracing connections
  • Steel to concrete connections (using chemical anchor fixings)
  • Complex truss connections

Want to know more about our connection details?

Not sure if we can design the connection you need? Get in touch with our friendly team of Structural Engineers to discuss your requirements and we can advise on the best connection details for your project: email or call 01903 217723.

Our steel connection design software shows where connections may be overstressed.
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