Subsidence Investigations

Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground caused by an external influence. It is a problem for many properties as the changes in the ground conditions cause walls to drop, cracks to develop, and in the worst cases the property can become entirely unstable and unsafe for use.

Philip Goacher Associates acts for private individuals, businesses, insurance companies and Loss Adjusters in the diagnosing and remedying of subsidence through remedial repairs to the cause of the subsidence, monitoring and underpinning if necessary.

We organise and attend on trial pits, auger boreholes, opening up works, etc, to determine the cause of subsidence. Our detailed reports can often lead to your insurers meeting the costs of subsidence claims, saving you many thousands of pounds in repair costs.

Did you know?
75% of subsidence claims are due to soil shrinkage, whereby the soil (often clay) swells with water and then shrinks when dry. This causes properties built on the soil to move, which leads to cracking and subsidence.
Subsidence can also be attributed to tree roots growing around and under foundations, which not only causes soil to swell/shrink, but also can directly push against foundations.
Leaking drains and pipes can cause subsidence because the water causes the soil to swell and, as before, shrink back.
Whatever the cause of your subsidence, it is a problem that needs to be addressed and remedied in order to prevent further cracking and movement and, in the worst case scenario, irreparable damage to your property.

Are you concerned your property may be suffering from subsidence? Contact us now to arrange an investigation and report: call 01903 217723 or email