Damp & Water Ingress Investigations

Water dripping down the walls, damp staining the wallpaper and water pooling under doors can be incredibly distressing, and also difficult for homeowners to identify. We have extensive knowledge of how buildings are put together so our reputation for investigating, diagnosing and curing damp and water ingress issues is second to none.

We will visit your property to conduct a preliminary investigation and provide you with a report into the suspected problems, and will often recommend the appropriate opening up works that are required to diagnose the precise issue. We can then organise and attend the investigative works and provide you with a further report detailing the remedial works necessary to repair the problem and prevent it from recurring.

Case Study – Investigation into Damp and Water Ingress

Damp and water ingress investigationsEver since it was constructed, this property suffered from damp and water ingress during strong winds and driving rain. Over the years many builders and surveyors had attempted to remedy the problems with various solutions, none of which proved successful.
Philip Goacher Associates were brought in to carry out an initial visual inspection, where we identified the likely cause and appointed a contractor to expose the expected defect in construction for further investigation.
Our prediction proved correct; the builder carried out repairs under our supervision and no damp or water ingress has been seen since – 10 years and counting!

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