Site Investigations

There are many reasons why site investigations may be necessary. Perhaps you are worried that your property is affected by subsidence, or you want to discover how water is getting into a building. Site investigations can also be useful when establishing whether extensions will be possible, and to uncover the cause of any cracking and movement. Usually we would visit the property to carry out a preliminary visual inspection (PVI) and see whether the cause of the problem is obvious. If we can determine the cause without further site investigations then our PVI report will provide basic recommendations and details for remedial repairs, but if the cause is not clear then we will often recommend a site investigation.

Site investigations involve building contractors ‘opening up’ buildings so that the construction and foundations can be inspected. Philip Goacher Associates will undertake these site investigations on your behalf; we will instruct contractors to open up the building, organise and attend trial pits (to check the foundations), auger boreholes (to analyse the ground conditions) and more. Following the site investigation we then provide you with a full, detailed report which will explain the cause of any defects, possible remedies, and highlight what can be achieved on the site.

By utilising the information gathered from site investigations, Philip Goacher Associates can provide rationalised designs and calculations for new build or refurbishment projects, reducing costs and ensuring all avenues are considered. We usually charge for this kind of work on an hourly rate basis.

Case study: Pier Structure Investigation

site investigation nightclub on worthing pierPhilip Goacher Associates was instructed to conduct a site investigation to determine the loading capacity of Worthing Pier’s Southern Pavilion. Following the investigation, our structural calculations proved that the structure had the capacity to handle the increased loading of a nightclub, much to the delight of Worthing residents!

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