Insurance Claims – Fire, Flood, Storm, Subsidence & More

Has your property been damaged by fire, flood, subsidence, storm, landslip or other serious event resulting in insurance claims? We understand how stressful it can be when your property is uninhabitable. We have vast experience working on insurance claims and are experts at restoring your property back to its former glory, allowing you to move back in and get your life back to normal.

Philip Goacher Associates works with leading Loss Adjusters and insurance companies as well as the general public on the diagnosis and correction of problems to properties such as subsidence, landslip, flood, fire damage and other insurance claims. Our proactive approach will ensure your property is restored as quickly as possible.

Case Study: Repair of Tornado-Damaged Property

insurance works building repairAfter this property was damaged by a localised tornado, Philip Goacher Associates was instructed to design a new wall and act as Contract Administrators to ensure the repair works went smoothly. It was important that the property, being a warehouse, could continue to function during the repairs, so we worked with the occupants to reorganise the existing building to ensure productivity was maintained during the repairs.

Does your property require structural repairs following fire, flood, storm or subsidence? Are you a Loss Adjuster working on behalf of an insurance company following insurance claims? Call us to discuss your requirements on 01903 217723 or email