Historic Restoration of Listed Buildings

We have extensive experience and expertise in the historic restoration of Grade I and Grade II listed buildings and can undertake the design and Contract Administration for listed buildings which are suffering from structural defects, or those that require structural alteration.

Do you own a Grade I or Grade II Listed Building?

Then you’ll be aware that the historic restoration of listed buildings has strict guidelines which need to be followed.

Maintenance of a listed building involves works to maintain its current state and prevent further deterioration, while repair of an historic building would involve the remedying of any structural issues which arise to bring it back to its natural state, taking into account that it is hundreds of years old – that is, to ensure it does not deteriorate to an entirely unusable state.

Historic restoration of a listed building, on the other hand, involves returning a building to its former state. This could involve replacing the roof entirely rather than patching up areas which have deteriorated, or replacing window frames (whilst attempting to match the style of the original) in order to prevent water ingress, which would further damage the property. This could also cover listed barn conversions, whereby the use of the property is altered but period features – beams, for instance – are retained.

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