Expert Witness

Have you had a bad experience with a builder and need an Expert Witness to represent you in court? Have you received poor advice from someone in the construction industry? Are there defects in your property caused by, or not remedied by, your builder? Philip Goacher can help: he is an experienced Expert Witness and is approved by the Law Society.

In the first instance, Philip and his team will work with you to liaise with the builders/contractors/engineers in question to see if an agreement can be made. Philip Goacher Associates can inspect your property and the works carried out by builders, check structural calculations and drawings, and investigate whether these were followed.

If discrepancies arise, Philip Goacher can attend court as an Expert Witness to act on your behalf and outline the issues with the property, what should have been done, and provide recommendations for correction of defects and actions which need to be taken to ensure your property is returned to its former glory.

philip goacher expert witness

To find out more about employing Philip Goacher as an expert witness, call us on 01903 217723 or email